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Corporations Rule, who owns America?

Lets face it, for the average American the odds are stacked against them, the two party political system is no longer working for the people who elect politicians into positions of power. This is true for both major parties who are mostly owned by corporate America. Washington is crawling with lobbyists and awash with dirty money that is used to buy our politicians so they can take the 'corporate' position on an issue, push for de-regulation or vote on a bill that would benefit his or her financial backers.

It's no surprise that Gov.Scot Walker of Wisconsin who is in the proses of crushing the unions, slashing a spending budget and who wants the people to adopt their 'share' of a economic mess they had nothing to do with. When will the ultra rich the 2% that benefit from the extension of the Bush tax cuts foot their share of this 'shared burden'?

The same bought politician Gov. Walker who has received campaign funding from the billionaire Koch brothers and took a 20 minute phone call from a blogger posing as David Koch. I wonder if the average tax paying hard working citizen of Wisconsin would have had the same access? I would say not, as it's the money that buys the access.


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