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A new low for the rightwingers?

Shockingly at the celebrations in Tahrir Square, just after Mubarak resigned a CBS news reporter Lara Logan, got separated from her news team and was badly beaten and raped. To hear this makes me sick and I strongly condemn those who did this, she was later rescued by a group of women and some soldiers and is now recovering back in the US.

I feel really bad for her and I hope she makes a full physical and emotional
recovery. And I hope the actions of these few don't tarnish the overall
reputation of the demonstrators. But a few days after reading about this,
the radical loonies on the right just had to give their opinion. Most
'normal' people would have all the sympathy in the world for Ms Logan
totally regardless of political opinion nobody would wish this on anybody.
But not the radical right.

First off this disgusting sack of shit Mr Nir Rosen, took to his Twitter
account to slander Logan saying that,

"Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and
glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger"
- Nir Rosen

Mr Rosen has a pretty bad track record so far, he likes to think that Iran's
flying monkeys, Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization, but rather a
"widely popular and legitimate political and resistance movement". I don't
think of this guy as right or left of the spectrum, but I do think he is
totally batshit crazy.

But there is more to come and I think this is the worst, and yes this is
from some truly crazy rightwinger, none other than Debbie Schlussel. She
posted on her blog with the title of 'Islam Fan Lara Logan Gets a Taste of Islam' and said that...

'How fitting that Lara Logan was "liberated" by Muslims in Liberation Square while she was gushing over the other part of the "liberation".' and "'Lara Logan was among the chief cheerleaders of this
'revolution' by animals.
'Now she knows what Islamic revolution is really all about.
'So sad, too bad, Lara.
'No one told her to go there. She knew the risks. And she should have known
what Islam is all about. Now she knows. Or so we'd hope.
'Hope you're enjoying the revolution, Lara! Alhamdilllullah [praise allah].'
- Debbie Schlussel

Well I don't know if this is a new low for rightwingers but I'm 100& sure
it's a new low for Schlussel.


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